Three facts gleaned from the Mad Knitters Charity Bingo:

  1. Knitters are super competitive
  2. They like a glass of wine
  3. Alice (the organiser) does an awful ‘British’ accent!

Arriving late to the Mad Knitters Charity Bingo thanks to my complete lack of knowledge of west London, the first game was already in full swing. Shrieks of glee and, more often, frustration filled the room above Alice’s west London shop as the numbers were called from the front (jump and jive 35 proving particularly elusive for some)…

Booze and gambling - a typical knitters night

Booze and gambling - a typical knitters night

After introductions for our benefit (real names and ravelry names), we were soon into game two. Drinks flowed, jokes were made and many pages of numbers were spotted by many different coloured pens. Once all the prizes had been won, including a skein of Doctors Without Borders yarn (which I didn’t even know existed), the fiendish light of Bingo left the crazy knitters’ eyes and the air was filled with laughter, the gurgling of wine into plastic glasses and the inevitable click-clack of needles (I didn’t take my knitting, which was a mistake – I shall now carry it to all knitting related events). An evening that I had been slightly apprehensive about, being fairly new to both knitting and bingo, had turned out to be a real giggle…

Now, apart from being a great social event (subjects of discussion including knitting, tattoos, Japan, knitting, sex-shop ownership and knitting just from what I heard), the night was also a p/hop fundraiser for the work of MSF and again confirmed for me the fantastically generous nature of knitters in general. From money taken for the bingo and collected for the raffle, over £300 ended up in the p/hop coffers. An amazing effort!

So, thanks so much to Alice, to all who attended, to the prize donors, to those who provided the wine and food and to all those who bought raffle tickets… You have done brilliantly and your efforts are much appreciated.

For info on the next Mad Knitters Charity Bingo night, go to the Socktobus blog and scroll to the bottom…….. It’s well worth it!