P/Hop in the field!

We did a shout out for teeny tiny hats, way back in March 2012 and thought you’d appreciated an update.  Judith, one of our midwives in Pakistan has sent us a few pictures of the baby hats which she recently took with her to Quetta.  Here’s what she had to say:

hats and baby 004-1  hats and baby 005

hats and baby 002-1 hats and baby 003-1


Dear Everyone especially those in the MSF. UK office
Some photos to show you the hats in use and how very appreciative we are of them.
The weather here in Quetta has changed dramatically freezing cold and dry. We here cannot thank the ladies of the Pennies per hour of pleasure enough for their dedication in passing these hats to MSF for use within the projects

When I counted the hats on arrival here at Quetta there were three hundred and fifty hats  and we have divided them so both projects benefit from them. The project at the Quetta children Hospital which is MSF-OCA based and the Kuchlak project.

Just to add we have now combined these two projects as one.

As much as we need medical care, drugs and people to manage within the field it is the little things like the hats that go a long way in assisting with the care

Many many thanks from all those at the Kuchlak-Quetta project

Judith Nicholas

Expat midwife



We can not accept anymore hats for the time being (we just don’t have the space) but if you’d love to knit for others, check out the UK Hand Knitting Association’s website – there’s a great long list of charity knitting projects for you to get your needles clicking for!  Knitting for Charity

433 small hats!

Dear knitters and crocheters

Thank you very much for all the hats you have made for MSF’s clinic in Pakistan. As you can see we were overwhelmed with your kindness.

These are only around half the hats as you made a whopping 433 hats (yes we counted them all).

At present we DO NOT need any more hats or other knitted items but please follow our blog as we may have requests in the future. Thank you again to all of you who sent hats in. They will be cherished.

Please browse our wide selection of patterns as you can still help MSF’s work in over sixty countries by donating for your hours of pleasure.

Best wishes


PS if you have made hats but haven’t sent them in why not take a look at the charity knitting groups on Ravelry who will know of lots of organisations who can use baby hats.

One last job

Before Pete finished his job at MSF I put him to work on one last p/hop job; measuring the hundreds of small hats you’ve generously made and sent in so we can sort them by size.

Of course he couldn’t resist trying some of them on.

We’ve been really overwhelmed with your generosity, making hats for premature babies and malnourished kids who are treated at MSF’s clinic in Qetta, Pakistan.

One person made a whopping 19 hats (which I think is more hats than I have made since I started knitting) and many knitting groups have got involved too. Check out these lovely hats made by the fab knitting group, Cannock Crafties.

In total there are over 250, yes two-hundred-and-fifty hats waiting to be shipped to Pakistan. Marvellous!

I’m packing up the hats tomorrow to send to the clinic, though they will probably go in the post on Tuesday of next week (22nd May). If you’ve got any hats you  haven’t sent in yet be quick.

Some of you have asked if we are going to do this again. That depends on the clinic, they are going to see how quickly they use the hats and let us know if they will need any more.

So once again, a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all of you who have taken part.

Stay tuned to the blog as we’ve got many more patterns in the pipeline.

The address to send your hats to is:
c/o Clare Storry
67-74 Saffron Hill

Small hats update

We’ve had a great response to our request for handknitted/crocheted small hats for the MSF hospital in Qetta, Pakistan.

THANK YOU to everyone who has sent hat(s) in so far. To date, we’ve received over 100 and my desk is by far the most colourful one in the office.

Hat sizes

I don’t know exactly how many hats the clinic needs, all they mentioned was they wanted a range of sizes from 25cm head circumference up to child age five. One of our marvellous volunteers in our Ravelry group (thank you dodiegirl) put together a list of hat sizes and here is what we have so far:

25cm-25.5cm / 9 ¾” 10” – 70 hats
28cm-29cm / 11”-11 ½” – 9 hats
30-31cm / 11 ¾” -12” – 8 hats

0-3 months (33cm-34cm / 13”-13 ½”) – 4 hats
3-6 months (36cm / 14”) – none
6-12 months (38cm / 15”) – 2 hats

Toddler /Child#
12-24 months (40cm-45.5cm) /(16”-18”) – 1 hat
2-5yrs (45.5cm-53cm)/ (18/20”) – none

As you can see we’ve got lots of the smallest size which is great but not many of the other sizes.

If you’ve made the smallest size we can still use them, but if you are still waiting to cast on please consider making some of the larger sizes. They’ll help keep young children with malnutrition warm and give them a better chance of survival.

A few of you have made hats in rib, with a brim, which are great as they will probably get more wear as they are so stretchy.

Pakistan clinic

If you’re wondering where your hats will end up you can get a glimpse of the clinic is this video featuring Scottish MSF doctor Marianne Stephens. I was lucky to meet her last week and she’s ace. A whirlwind of energy and enthusiasm. Life in the clinic is pretty tough, if  videos aren’t for you can read an article about her here.

She was really excited about the hats. If you’ve just seen this and want to make some hats to send to the clinic in Qetta the details are here. I’m aiming to send the first batch out at the end of April.

Knitters and crocheters, you are awesome!

Thank you!

When you have finished your hats please send them to:
c/o Clare Storry
67-74 Saffron Hill

We need tiny hats

Last week in the MSF office I met Dr Miroslav who had just returned from working in an MSF hospital in Qetta, Pakistan. MSF runs a neonatal unit there and Dr Miroslav told me they need baby hats to keep the premature babies and malnourished kids warm. While this is a very simple thing it really can help save a kids life.

A newborn patient in the neonatal inpatient department in the MSF supported Dera Murad Jamali District Headquarter Hospital in eastern Balochistan, Pakistan. © PK Lee/MSF

While we don’t usually encourage knits for overseas projects, as local people can usually supply these, thus contributing to the local economy, this is an exception.

So what do we need?

Dr Miroslav has asked for a range of hat sizes starting at head circumference 25cm (I’ve just measured that out with my tape measure, it really is tiny) up to age five years.

I asked him which material he preferred. The hats will be washed before use but he is more concerned about warmth than materials so whatever you have in your stash will be better than nothing, though superwash wool or wool-acrylic blends will probably be most useful.

We have a couple of kids hat patterns with Woolly Wormhead’s fun Stripey Beanie and Liz Lovicks snowflake hat.

These both start at toddler size so if you want to make smaller hats there are lots of free patterns on Ravely.

I asked Dr Miroslav if he needed any other items and he did mention baby socks would be useful but hats are the most important thing at the moment.

So knitters and crocheters, get cracking!

When you have finished your hats please send them to:


c/o Clare Storry

67-74 Saffron Hill

Thank you very much.