What Mittens Would the A-Team Wear?

I recently speculated about what knitted item certain WWE Wrestlers would wear. So in keeping with the Cranford Mitts KAL I got to wondering – what kind of mittens would the A-Team wear?

Image via Flickr Creative Commons. Click on image for details.

You may remember the A-Team from their first outing, when George Peppard and Dirk Benedict stole out hearts, or possibly just from the more recent but extremely watchable remake, starring Liam Neeson and the hello-baby delights of newcomer Bradley Cooper. But it largely doesn’t matter – as long as you keep in mind those four heroes: Hannibal, Face, Murdoch and BA.

  • Let’s start with Hannibal, the leader of the pack. He’s tough, he’s a thinker, he’s a man’s man. He is also, and this is important, a cigar smoker. What other knitted handwear could be suitable for Hannibal, other than the “Cigar” pattern, free from Knitty in one of their 2005 editions. Those toasty mittens, but with the vital fingers missing to prevent scorching – well, I love it when a plan comes together.
  • Now let us ponder BA. Bosco A Baracus – muscled, brave, engineer, driver, but not keen on flying. I pity the fool who cannot immediately agree that none other than the “Knucks” pattern, also free from Knitty in a 2006 outing, would be perfect for him. In the remake the charactor had “Pity” and “Fool” tattooed on his knuckles. But in this case I think “Knit” and “Purl” might be more appropriate.
  • Moving on to Face, aka Templeton Peck. Now this is where the Cranford Mitts come in. Because Face is your Mr Lover Lover – totally at one with his overt sexuality and a favourite with the ladies. So he has no problem at all with wearing a more delicate mitten, and might indeed consider that they helped get across his delicate side.
  • Last but by no means least we come to the team member I have always had a particular affinity with – Murdoch. Howling Mad Murdoch, to give him his full name, is a cord short of a set of interchangeables, but he can fly anything, including tanks, and arguably has the most fun. So it really has to be the Piggy Mittens, available as a free Ravelry download. Because you can just imagine how annoyed BA is going to get if he’s got Murdoch jabbering at him, plus Mr and Mrs Piggy chiming in on Murdoch’s side of the argument. Man, I wish I could see that.

Happy Birthday P-Hop!


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