Minerva Cowl

This frothy lace Möbius cowl is aptly named after Minerva, the Roman Goddess of wisdom, crafts, medicine and doctors. She could also be the goddess of p/hop.

Minerva Cowl Yellow

The Minerva Cowl pattern has been designed and donated to p/hop by the generous and talented Anna Richardson aka @onehandknits.

The pattern is based on a two stitch repeat which makes it easy to add or subtract circumference to the scarf, to give two or even three wraps around your neck.

Yarn quantities are given for one and two wrap versions. An optional scalloped edging is
given for those who want an extra challenge.

Originally knit in a thick-thin Tussah silk, equivalent to a 4ply yarn this pattern can also be adapted to make a denser, warmer winter scarf by using a DK or Aran weight yarn on the same needles, just match the yardage requirements (approx. 435yds/400m per wrap).

Knit in the round on circular needles from a Möbius cast-on this pattern includes full written instructions and charts (depending on your preference). The pattern is suitable for a moderately experienced knitter and requires less than one day to knit!

The Möbius cast-on is an entertaining technique which creates a Möbius loop in your knitting and allows you to knit both edges at once – you’ll be amazed.

A photo tutorial demonstrating the Möbius cast-on can be found at: http://www.onehandknits.com/blog/2010/12/mobius-scarves-mastering-the-cast-on/

All patterns have been generously donated to the project by MSF supporters and are available for your knitting pleasure.

In return, we ask that you make a donation to p/hop based on the hours of enjoyment you will get from knitting these patterns.

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To download the Minerva Cowl pattern click here

Knitting from stash?

100g (200g) 4ply yarn (approximately 400m/ 435yards to 100g)
6.5mm circular needles at least 100cm in length
1 stitch marker

Text and photograph ©Anna Richardson