Three Cheers

Three cheers for this pattern by Louise Zass-Bangham of Inspiration Knits!




Hooray for your loved ones! This bottle bag holds a regular bottle of wine, or looks just as great wrapping other lovely bottles, such a special bottle of olive oil. It’s perfect for taking your hostess gift to a festive party in style.

Hooray for knitting! Make a strong and re-useable bag. Use up your scraps and have some fun knitting. Once you’ve made it, you might be unable to let it go. It will spread knitterly love, wherever it goes.

Hooray for Médecins sans Frontières! Why, of course!


Three Cheers


The bag is knit all in one piece, with no seaming. It’s an easy intermediate knit and is fulled (slightly felted) by giving it a rub in hot soapy water for ten minutes. This makes it stronger and stops it stretching so much under the weight of the contents of the bag. Please don’t throw it in the washing machine – we’re not aiming for cardboard here, just a more stable fabric. If it retains a bit of stretch, you can put a wider range of things inside. Make sure you chose a regular wool yarn that is NOT superwash, because superwash won’t felt!

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