Teeny Tiny Teddy

So cute and so small, the Teeny Tiny Teddy pattern has been generously donated to p/hop by Alessendra Parsons.

Teeny Tiny Teddy is only 5 cm tall when standing so would make a great keyring toy, Christmas or nursery decoration or gift.

This wee bear is straightforward to make so is ideal for a new knitter looking for a more involved project or a super quick knit for an experienced knitter.

It is easy to make a larger Teddy using larger needles and thicker yarn. If you are new to knitting and baffled by which needle sizes to use with which yarn look at the label on your ball of wool which should have a recommendation for which needles will suit your yarn. This will depend on how tightly or how loosly you knit but doesn’t matter too much on a project like this.

All patterns have been generously donated to the project by MSF supporters and are available for your knitting pleasure. In return, we ask that you make a donation to p/hop based on the hours of enjoyment you will get from knitting these patterns. Making your donation is easy.

Thank you very much.


To download the Teeny Tiny Teddy pattern click here.

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Knitting from stash?

For a small bear you will need:

10-20g of 4ply or fingering weight yarn.
Pair of size 2mm (US 0/ UK 14) needles.