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p/hop your home.

With this marvellous cricket tea cosy desgined by Ros Clarke.

Cricket cosy, tea and biscuits

Teeny Tiny Teddy by Alessandra Parsons, his size does not diminish his cuteness!

Felted crocheted bowl by sheepfold

Rudolph, that Reindeer by Judith Baser

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All patterns have been generously donated to the project by MSF supporters and are available for your knitting  or crochet pleasure, since November 2008. In return, we ask that you make a donation to p/hop based on the hours of enjoyment you will get from knitting these patterns. Making your donation is easy.

Thank you very much.

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You can find our submission guidelines here as well as information on how to donate a pattern to p/hop. Please get in touch with Clare or Kate if you have any queries.