Stripey Beanie

The Stripey Beanie pattern has been kindly donated to p/hop by hat designer extraordinaire  WoollyWormhead.

Here’s WoollyWormhead’s inspirations for her pattern:

“I chose garter stitch for this Hat because it seemed to compliment the style just so. And me being me, went for the ‘inside out’ look. The beanie is structured on multiples of 8 with a balanced 4 point crown shaping. It’s a pleasant, simple knit, and flowed perfectly on the needles… the perfect, mindless knitting pattern! With a pom-pom of course, because all good retro inspired stripey beanies need pom-poms”

This pattern is incredibly versatile and will fit head sizes from toddlers to adults.stripey-beanie-1

All patterns have been generously donated to the project by MSF supporters and are available for your knitting pleasure. In return, we ask that you make a donation to p/hop based on the hours of enjoyment you will get from knitting these patterns. Making your donation is easy.

Thank you very much.

To download the pattern click here.

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You can read more about Woollywormhead’s inspiration for her pattern here.