Clyd Headband

Clyd: 1. warm n.m. sheltered n.m. snug n.m. cosy n.m. pronounced kleed. Welsh.

Clyd has been donated to p/hop by designer extraordinaire Katie Weston and is a great project for a new knitter. This headband will keep you cosy in the chilly weather, it’s simple to knit, and is a great use for small amounts of handspun yarn. The smaller thickness of fabric at the back of the head means the headband stays in place when you move your head.

The pattern is really simple, all knitting, no purls, increases using knit front and back, and decreases using knit 2 together. To create the button hole you use a yarn over. If you can’t knit yet there are lots of local classes and knitting groups all over the country and has lots of free videos to get you started.

To see what others have made from this pattern, please visit the Clyd pattern page on Ravelry.

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Knitting from Stash?
60m/ 66 yards of any Aran or Heavy Worsted weight yarn.
4mm (US size 6) needles
1 button approximately 2cm/ ¾” in diameter