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We now have OVER SIXTY p/hop  patterns available for you to download.  Please click on the pattern picture for more details and the pattern PDF.


Crochet patterns

Retro Baby bugge blanketOctober Leaves

Cable Scarf by Laura Cracknell

Felted crochet bowl by Sheepfold

Moebius Cowl by Laura Cracknell

Retro Baby… Buggy Blanket by Helen Westerby

October Leaves by Katherine Mills


Knitting patterns

MCC Cosy





elizabeths-scarf-1 Flowers in the Rain


intertwined-mittsCranford Mitts





Chevron-de-Paix Sockskarenina-socks

Dear Green Shawl
Without Borders Socksserpentine-valentine-socks

Martini Cowl - aran 2

P1040755  November 2013 021


Gifted by Louise Zass-Bangham

Three Cheers by Louise Zass-Bangham

Rudolph, that Reindeer by Judith Baser

Teeny Tiny Teddy by Alessandra Parsons. His size does not diminish his cuteness!

Cricket Tea Cosy by Ros Clarke

Felted crochet bowl by Sheepfold


Clyd Headband by Katie Weston

Snowflake Hat by Liz Lovick (pattern includes Star Mitts too)

Chic Spring Beret by Jane Crowfoot

Twisted Twigs Hat by SarahLouise MacAdie

Stripey Beanie by WoollyWormhead

Jacob Beanie by Terri Bate

High Line by Janet Cullen


Crocus Pocus by Susan Pandorf

Dear Green Shawl by Anna Fisk

Diamond Dot Scarf by Kate Ellis

Dido Shawl and Dido Scarf by Åsa Tricosa

Eyre Shawl by Karie Watermann

Elizabeth’s Scarf by Joy Edwards

Flowers in the Rain by Jacqui Walker

Hydrangea Shawl by Susan Pandorf

Iris by Susan Pandorf

Martini Cowl by Miranda Jollie

Minerva Cowl by Anna Richardson

Poinsettia by Susan Pandorf

Trinity Shawlette by Anniken Allis



Cranford Mitts by Jane Lithgow

Ermintrude Mitts by Helena Callum

Intertwined Mittens by Åsa Tysk

Jacqueline Mitts by Bronagh Miskelly

Major Groove by Au fil des jours

Star Mitts by Liz Lovick (including the Star Hat pattern)

Waterhouse Mitts by Patricia Clift Martin


Stina by Åsa Tricosa.

Stripey Beanie by WoollyWormhead

Socks for Little Witches by Ann Kingstone

Socks for Little Wizards by Ann Kingstone


Diana Black Sheep Sweater by Muir and Osborne


New to Sock knitting? Scared of terms like ‘Turning the Heel’ and ‘Gusset’?
We have a great guide to sock knitting by designer Erssie Major as well as her Quick and Easy DK Sock pattern to get you started.


Can(tab) Socks by Ros Clarke

Chevron De Paix Socks by Debbie Tomkies

Hopsox by Joy Edwards

Karenina Socks by Jane Lithgow

Lyle Socks by Susan Bromiley

Molly Weasley’s Gift Socks by Susan Sharpe

Oscillating socks by Rachel Gibbs

Ruth’s Harvest Socks by Susan Sharpe

Serpentine Valentine Socks by Katie Weston

Socks for Little Witches by Ann Kingstone

Socks for Little Wizards by Ann Kingstone

Spiral Socks (with a cunning adjustment) by Jane Lithgow

Stained Glass Window Socks by Karen Wessel

Try Again Socks by Sadie Slater

Tzenni Socks by Sadie Slater

Wimbledon socks by Ros Clarke

Without Borders Socks by Katie Weston


Katie Weston has designed this wonderful Tis the Season Stocking just for p/hop. The pattern is written for DK yarn but can easily be converted to socks as it uses 64 stitches per round.

Happy knitting!

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