What has astonished me about the knitting and crochet community (since my first tentative attendance at a knit and natter night in the Royal Oak Oxford way back in early 2013) is the ceaseless, insightful and warm support that is offered freely and in abundance. You can feel its presence […]

Guest Post | Festival Volunteering

Hi there! I hope you’re all well and that those of you on mid-term break duty have survived had fun. Grab a pint of something or a cuppa and settle in. I’m sleep deprived so it’ll be short and hopefully make some sense. Our trip to Dublin was brilliant both […]

May Roundup

Hi there! A quick note and date for your diaries. The smallest volunteer and I are heading off to Dublin next week and we’re bringing a selection of p/hop’s lovely shawls, cozy cowls, squishy socks and head hugging hats. Come along to have a look and a chat with us […]

P/HOP is Heading to Dublin!

Welcome back! I do hope that you all had a lovely April. It’s been a super busy on the home front for us here with the littlest volunteer starting to crawl and explore her surroundings. Don’t worry though! All samples are tucked away safe from tiny fingers and no yarn […]

Hey it’s May!

Hello! Can you believe it’s March already?! There’s so much more light and touches of spring in the days now. Hopefully you’re having a lovely weekend so far and enjoy this short p/hop update. Fundraising Thank you!! You’ve helped P/HOP raise over £64,000 for MSF. What’s going on this month   Some of […]

Springing into March

Sorry folks, there was meant to be an interview here from a former MSF field person. However, life has been a bit busy of late, so it’s been shuffled along the timeline. Seriously, I think small people are time bandits. Looking back on March, lots went on for P/HOP too. Here are some […]

April Newsletter

Good morning folks and welcome back! My primary craft is crochet. I started when as a kid and while exploring knitting takes much of my time these days, crochet is still a massive part of my heart and thinking. So when we’re at shows there’s a bit of a kick to […]

Crochet Love <3

Good morning & welcome back. The original post for this month just didn’t seem appropriate so it’ll go out later this month. Grab a cuppa and settle in for a read. I promise it isn’t too taxing. As makers and of course human beings, I believe there is more uniting […]

Acts of Kindness

Happy New Year! It feels like ages since the holiday so hopefully you’re first full week of work went well. Grab a cup of something hot and gather round. I’ve stared at this post for quite a while not knowing really what to write about, then realise there is so much background […]

Welcome 2017!

Morning, it’s hard to believe we are at the end of the year already! I hope you’re having a lovely calm Sunday with a hot drink and a bit of relaxing crochet or knitting to hand. We had four new designs donated by four different designers; Ember, Staircase Mitts, Textured […]

Wrapping Up 2016