PHKCOW: MSF-Pete gets serious.

The competition with Clare (gingerknitsUK) has well and truly started.

Pete's fighting face

Pete's fighting face is designed to strike terror into the heart of Clare

Little did she know that my knitting inactivity was a clever and underhanded tactic to lull her into a contest, so I could become the first p/hop knitting champion of the world (PHKCOW)! Having feigned reluctance to the proposed knitting race, I have stormed off the blocks with a massive 11 rows on the first weekend….

‘I thought he’d forgotten how to knit!’ I hear you mutter.

And you were nearly right. But, when I heard about a local knitting group called Stitch Mark East (here for ravelry and here for facebook), I knew it was destiny… Not only did the experience inspire me to my personal record for number-of rows-knitted-in-one-go. And, not only was it a very cool and relaxing afternoon chatting and knitting. It was also in Cafe Oto in Dalston, which is a wicked place… With the company of Rachael (Stitch Mark East founder) and her friends, good tea and good music, 11 rows flew past in no time.

Clare, I have thrown down the gauntlet, the race is on… I await your response 😉

*Stitch Mark East (or Knits of the Round Table as Rachel regrets not calling it) is on every Sunday in Cafe Oto, so if you are a local reading this, feel free to drop by.*

Pete and Rachael at Stitch Mark East

I meet Rachael, Stitch Mark East founder