We raised close to £700 through the patterns, Multicoloured Fibre Swap Shop and raffle, bringing the grand total to £4,482.83! Thanks to everyone who helped out with the p/hop stand and events. An even bigger thanks to John and Juliet (the organisers) for hosting us at the festival. A very enjoyable weekend had […]

A weekend at Fibrefest..

Mike Patmore, veteran MSF lab technician, but virgin knitting festival goer, writes of his experience at Ravelry Day ’09… Who would ever have thought of it, MSF attending a knitting convention. Nevertheless Louise Salkeld, Anne Lomole, and myself headed to Coventry Central Hall, on a cold and wet June morning […]

p/hop takes Ravelry Day!

Hi all, I have just come back from a lovely sunny holiday in Egypt. As promised to Pete before I left, I took my knitting along. This pic was taken in front of the amazing Abu Simbel temple. We had a 3.30am departure in order to travel the 290km out to the temple, […]

Knitting in Egypt