As you may have noticed, p/hop is looking a little different. A little smarter, a little sleeker and hopefully easier to use, especially on mobiles and tablets. We’ve switched to the new look site today and there are lots of editors beavering away behind the scenes, looking for broken links, […]

Welcome to our new look site

Take action, you say? Why yes of course, do you want me to do? Short version: Please sign our petition for better treatment and diagnosis for people with drug resistant tuberculosis! Thank you! Want more info? Of course you do, read on dear knitter/crocheter, read on… You may or may […]

TAKE ACTION: it’s really quick and easy

Love knitting and crochet (and other fibre arts)? Adore social media? Admire life-saving humanitarian work and want to make a difference? Can you donate eight hours a week of your time? Then p/hop needs you! What will this involve I hear you cry? You can download the job description here, […]

Looking for a new challenge?

Hello, Clare here popping back as I spotted this and though of p/hop. Emily Wise is a British doctor working with MSF in Karakalpakstan in Uzbekistan for nine months treating multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. The disease itself is bad enough however the treatment is also pretty awful, taking at least nine months, […]

Knitting MSF