It’s that time of year again…

How can it possibly be October already!? The year has once again flown by, Spring and Summer have come and gone and we are deep into Autumn. We should definitely be starting on the woolly wonders for Winter! With the changing colour of the leaves, it can mean only one thing – we are back in the month fondly known as Socktober! The time of year to get out the knitting needles and start every sock pattern you can get your hands on.  I have had some sock wool sitting around for a while now, the only thing left to do is try and decide which pattern on p/hop I should get stuck in to!

P/hop is host to many wonderful sock patterns!! Here are just a few – 

Quick and Easy DK Socks by Erssie Major


Tomar Cable Socks by Luise O’Neill



Molly Weasley’s Gift Sock by Susan Sharpe


Chevron De Paix Socks by Debbie Tomkies


Hopsox by Joy Edwards


Try Again Socks by Sadie Slate


Spiral Socks by Jane Lithgow


We have so many amazing patterns, donated to p/hop by so many incredibly talented designers! More sock patterns can be found here.

It might take some time… but I think I will have to try each and every one 🙂




What p/hop pattern are you working on? Tell us all about it on the p/hop Ravelry Page or by connecting with us on social media.


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