May Roundup

Hi there! I hope you’re all well and that those of you on mid-term break duty have survived had fun. Grab a pint of something or a cuppa and settle in. I’m sleep deprived so it’ll be short and hopefully make some sense.

Our trip to Dublin was brilliant both for p/hop & as a long over due catchup with friends. It was a quiet day on Sunday but that just meant I got to chat to people properly and spend time with Diane from the Dublin Knit Collective who will be holding more events to benefit MSF via p/hop. Faces known and new to me popped in to have a squish of the samples and I will definitely be back later in the year.

I also brought over 2 raffle prizes; one was won by The Fibre Kitchen & the other by Annbel. Congratulations & I do hope you enjoy them.

The combination of the raffle and kind donations at the trunk show, raised €82.  Adding in a private donation from my hosts, we’re only £175 from the £65k mark. Thanks very much!


World Wide Knit in Public Day (WWKIP day) is on June 10th this year. I will (all things going well) hold one locally at Bar Bar Black Sheep cafe in Wolverton. If you are in the Milton Keynes area do drop in, it would be lovely to meet you. I will bring a few p/hop crochet and knitting samples and patterns with me as well as a couple raffle prizes for those visiting on the day.

Next week there will be a guest post from Katie, who is a friend and member of my local knitting group. Some of you may have met Katie at Woolfest and Fibres East last year. She’s talking about what it’s like to volunteer on the p/hop stall. So if you would like to volunteer at a show with us but just aren’t sure or are nervous about what is expected, have a read. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Countdown to Woolfest! There’s 3 weeks until Woolfest kicks off in Cockermouth on 23-24th of June. I’ve testing new ways to display the patterns so they are easier for you to browse. Also, I’m really hoping there is enough time to try out some sample displays. Fingers crossed people!

As mentioned in the last few posts, we really could do with some volunteers at Woolfest. As yet there is only myself and Katie heading up and 2 people does not a stall make. Get in touch in the comments section here, or Ravelry or Facebook or email p-hop at london(dot)msf(dot)org?

Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend!







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