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Good morning folks and welcome back!

My primary craft is crochet. I started when as a kid and while exploring knitting takes much of my time these days, crochet is still a massive part of my heart and thinking. So when we’re at shows there’s a bit of a kick to the heart when I see the look on fellow crocheters faces when meeting the p/hop selection of crochet patterns.

We’d love to offer our crocheting supporters more. So whether you’re an accomplished crochet designer with patterns coming out of magazines or a novice unsure of how to go about the testing process; we’d love to hear from you.

The most popular patterns at events are small accessories or shawls made with 4ply yarns or heavier.  Check out our submission guidelines and if you have any questions either email or shout out on our Ravelry group.

I’m really excited to see your submissions.

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