Welcome 2017!

Happy New Year! It feels like ages since the holiday so hopefully you’re first full week of work went well. Grab a cup of something hot and gather round.

I’ve stared at this post for quite a while not knowing really what to write about, then realise there is so much background work you folks wouldn’t see but may be interested in so lets start.

Over the last couple of weeks, csv files and spreadsheets were slung about to find out how much funds you lovely folk have helped p/hop raised last year to support MSF. Well here it is, you raised a whopping £3565.48; that’s £2195.87 from online donations and £1369.61 from events. This total helps MSF provide either 18 surgical kits or 7,486 children with measles vaccinations. There’s a fact sheet over on the main website where you cans see more about how your donates support MSF. Thank you so much!

In terms of events for 2017, the application for Woolfest has gone in. Fingers and toes are crossed that we’re invited back to the Lakeland Agricultural Centre. In case you are just starting to plan you’re yarn/fibre events for this year, Woolfest is a definite must do if you can get away from June 23rd until the 24th. Have a look at the Woolfest post from last year for a sample of the amazing fibre based fun.

Some have already asked and I can confirm that while p/hop will not be at Edinburgh Yarn Festival this year, we will still have a presence. The lovely organisers have offered to distribute p/hop flyers. So, I’ve been working with Natasha in the office to come up with something. The flyer explains what p/hop is to the knitters & crocheters who don’t know about us.

Before Christmas, I got a chance to get into the office to and chat with a few people there in order to learn more about what needs doing for the everyday running of p/hop and what resources there are. So here’s the general plan. I’ll put up a blog post here once a month on the first Sunday. This year there will be a competition for the 50th pair of Crandfords made by the lovely Marion aka The Cranfordista Suprema, and hopefully posts from fibre crafting folk in the field.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s post and do come back for more.

x H

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