On the road: Woolfest 2016

Well that was fun!

I was super nervous going up to Woolfest as the new co-ordinator, first time Woofest attendee and first ever stall holding at a festival. Phew! Well the nerves were unnecessary because the weekend turned out wonderful. The Woolfest staff were amazing, everything was so well organised and everyone was so friendly both staff and our surrounding fellow stall holders.

We went from not having enough help to having bundles. I was very lucky in the end that 3 of my lovely friends from knitting group were able to take time off to help out on the stall. Sarah and Susanne set up and took down the stall while Katie joined us to chat with all the visitors. Our youngest volunteer Alex, even lent a hand to draw visitors in with her super baby cuteness. Isobel (IsobelM),  Jane (probablyjane), Joy (thumbilna) and Lynn (englishdoormouse) provided breaks; infusing us with energy & enthusiasm whenever we started to flag.

With all the support on the stall, there was ample opportunity to chat with visitors. So many people popped by to say hi and let us know how they support the work that MSF do. There were lots of visitors that didn’t know about p/hop so it was really nice to have the time to chat with them.

Woolfest had such a lovely atmosphere. So many people meeting up with old friends and meeting new ones. Also the variety of stall holders was fantastic. There was huge section to our left for fleeces, more spinning stands than I’ve seen before and lots of beautiful livestock in addition to the independent dyers and artisans. Whatever your woolly fascination, there was something there for you.

Visitors took home 445 knitting and crochet patterns helping p/hop raise £689.91 for MSF. Thank you so much for your support!

We sold out of 5 patterns; Diamond dot scarfMoebius CowlErmintrudeOscillating socks, and Clyd headband.

Our top 10 patterns at Woolfest were:

Diamond dot scarf
Cranford Mitts
Dear Green Shawl
Moebius Cowl
Trinity Shawlette
Eyre Shawl
Quick & Easy DK socks
Retro baby blanket
Rudolph, that Reindeer!
Ideas for next year are  bubbling away and I’m really looking forward to going. Dates for next year are already out so pop June 23rd & 24th into your diaries.


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