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newphopcoordinatorThe baton is passed, well the blue folder really, and I’m new p/hop co-ordinator!

Hi there! My name is Heidi aka Ready! Set! Stitch! over on the internets and all things social media.

I first learned of MSF and their work when they set up an office over in Dublin, what feels like a few years ago but in reality is more like over 10 years. Time flies! A very good friend, who went on to work with MSF both in the office and in the field, introduced me to the bunch in the Dublin office. Since then, I’ve not stopped telling those who don’t know of MSF’s work how amazing the organisation is.

Before Edinburgh yarn festival 2015, I came across p/hop when they were looking for stand volunteers. Well, I thought this is finally a hands on way that I can support the work of MSF and signed up straight away. Since then, I’ve gotten over the fear and donated a pattern, helped out on the new website and generally did what I could. So when the co-ordinator role came up, I was really excited about chance to work within the creative Ravelry community that I love and that fills me with inspiration and to do it all all in aid of an organisation that I admire immensely.

I never expected to be able to work for MSF. I’m not a doctor, nurse, finance person or even a logistician. So when my creative, professional and recreational skills have come together for this wonderful opportunity is what dreams are made of, well mine at least.

I’m very thankful for all Larissa’s encouragement and so in awe of all the hard work she’s put in over the last couple of years for p/hop. She left a big pair of shoes to fill. I’m looking forward to meeting and hopefully working with you all whether in real life or online.

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