Knitting and … running!

Here at p/hop HQ we like to integrate knitting with the rest of our lives.  We knit at home, we knit on the train, we knit on lunch breaks, and we knit at the pub on Monday knit nights.  These things all involve knitting while sitting down.  So far, so normal.

So how about knitting whilst walking/running/jogging?  There’s a whole different set of skills and co-ordination needed for that!

The 2015 MSF Fun Run is taking place on April 25th in London at the lovely Regent’s Park, and we’re feeling very inspired!



We’re thrilled about p/hop taking part on the day.  What could be more enjoyable than getting out in to the fresh air in one of London’s most beautiful parks, knitting or crocheting your way around the course, while raising money for MSF’s life-saving work?

It’s not the first time that a p/hopper has been known to knit on a fun run though.  Check out this photo of our very own Clare with the Stitch London crew at the Race for Life back in 2010:


Clare knitting for life

Want to join us?

Join team p/hop as we knit and crochet our way around the course  (we’re personally going for the 5K distance.  Although the 10K would allow for more knitting time, we thought it best not to push it.  We’re not that silly).

It it’s been a while since you’ve done much exercise, you’ve got nine weeks to prepare (and this even gives you enough time to do the Couch to 5K if you fancy getting some speed up).   If that’s not your thing, we’d love you to support us on the sidelines as part of the p/hop cheer squad.  You can even register to be an official volunteer marshall and get to wear a high-viz tabard!

Bring your knitting.  Bring your pom poms.  Bring cake for sustenance and replenishment!

To take part on the day, just register here, and drop us a line if you’re taking part.




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