The Wonders of Woolfest

I’ve just got back from Woolfest in Cumbria – what a great event.  P/Hop have been there for the last 6 years, but this was my first time.  Thank you so much to the organisers for their generosity to P/Hop and MSF over the years.  We really do appreciate it.

My good friend, Annette and I thoroughly enjoyed ousrselves.  The fun started when we jumped in our hire car and set off all the way from London to Cockermouth (according to the hire car invoice we drove a whopping 722 miles over the weekend).  We nicknamed the car Thelma and the sat nav was Louise!  Poor Thelma hated going up hills but seemed overjoyed to be going down them!  It was actually a really nice drive, starting in Lewisham, South East London we merely had to pop through the Balckwall Tunnel and then most of the trip was the lovely scenic and quiet A1(M) and then the A66.  We couldn’t have managed without Louise though – I booked a B&B in Caldbeck where the organisers of Woolfest are (The Wool Clip) instead of in Cockermouth where the event is.  This was 20 miles away and really very rural indeed – with some roads so narrow that you find yourself breathing in, in an effort to ensure that you fit through! 😉

Here’s Teeny Tiny Teddy and the view from the B&B – The Oddfellows Arms, Caldebeck, where we received a very warm welcome.

   View TeenyTinyTeddy with water Teeny tiny teddy on the road  Teddy rides the teapot

Sorry they’re a bit dark – my camera isn’t playing ball right now.

The show itself was great fun, despite being pretty hard work.  Annette and I both slept like logs on Friday night.  I love yarny people – they’re all so friendly and accepting, not to mention very generous.  Lots of people stopped by to say hello to me too, not just P/Hop supporters but people I know from Tweeting and Raveling as Katestwirl and in from my yarny business The Golden Skein.  Annette was a little bemused by how many people came over on Friday to tell me that my “Waterlilly” (the knitted top I was wearing) looked even better in real life.  It’s rather odd to be well known in the knitty world, but I rather like it! 😉

Another favourite part of the show for me is the lifestock sharing the stalls with us.  The event is held in a cattle market and stalls are interspersed with sheep, alpaca and even angora bunnies in pens.

black and white sheep

Jacob sheep

On the Saturday we were joined by the wonderful Natalie (KnattersKnits) who was a great help and good company on the stall.  Natalie’s help meant that Annette and I could see a bit of the show together.  Thank you so much Natalie – you were fabulous!  I’m afraid that we did encourage her to go spending at the show too – sorry I’m a huge enabler!  I enabled myself more than anyone this time though and bought 3 skiens of yarn and 2 birthday presents, one for my dear friend Kat (whose birthday party I had to miss to go to Woolfest) and one for my lovely mum – her birthday isn’t until September, but I saw just the perfect thing!

I even had time to cast on a P/Hop pattern whilst I was there – The Eyre Shawl by Karie Westerman.  The shawl is named after Jane Eyre from Charlotte Brontë and completely by accident, Annette and I went to Haworth, birthplace of the Brontë sisters, so a bit of it was knitted there!

November 2013 027

Karie’s Eyre Shawl


Kate’s Eyre Shawl (in progress)

Finally a huge THANK YOU to all those who chose patterns and donated funds to MSF.

We rasied just over £677 – Hurray!

We’re on the road again at Unwind (12 & 13 July) and at Fibre East (26 & 27 July) if you fancy helping out on the stall for an hour or so – just pop by and chat to whomever is there.


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