Time for a New Target!


As many of you will know, we recently exceed our £40,000 target for donations raised through Pennies Per Hour of Pleasure for Médecin Sans Frontiéres/Doctors without Borders.  We were totally thrilled by this amazing achievement and THANK YOU all very much for helping us to achieve it.  Of course, we can’t just leave it there though… oh no!  We must set a new target.  Not just a target though, this time we have a target with a deadline!!

Flowers in the rain

In November P-Hop will be 5 years old!  It’s come a v long way from Natalie‘s kitchen table and the single Flowers in the Rain pattern.  We now have over 40 patterns, with lots more in the pipeline (if only there were enough P-Hop hours in my donated day)!  So what we propose is to raise our target to FORTY FIVE THOUSAND pounds with a hope of achieving that additional £5,000 by our 5th birthday.  Five for Five – get it?

We’re really hoping that you can all get involved to help and we’ll be letting you know how, over the next few weeks so you can get planning.  In the meantime, perhaps you could let us know what you fancy doing?  Holding a crafty meeting where you all donate, perhaps you could organize a yarn or book swap with donations for taking part… what do you think? There’s a new Ravelry thread so you can let us know –  It’s over to you!

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