WWKIP Day 2012

WWKIP? What on earth is WWKIP I hear you cry?

We like abbreviations here at p/hop, it’s in our nature, and we like knitting in public. We also like knitting in public on a day when thousands of knitters around the world take their crafty awesomeness outside and share the wonders of wielding sticks and string and making fabric with the non-crafty muggles, which is WORLD WIDE KNIT IN PUBLIC DAY.

This year, huge p/hop supporters Stitch London are hosting their WWKIP event at a FREE Giant Jubilee Stitch Picnic, in the Jubilee Gardens on Southbank, Saturday 9th June, 12-6pm, and raising money for p/hop at the same time.

The day will help spread a warm fuzzy feeling and promote craft, creativity and community in London too. Win win.


Part of the picnic will be Stitch London’s Really Rather Marvellous raffle. Each year London’s craft community donate prizes which Stitch London will raffle off throughout the day. All funds raised will go directly Medicins Sans Frontieres through p/hop.


There are also crafty workshops, which the teachers are doing as a donation to p/hop, with people taking part being asked to donate their pennies per hours of pleasure. If you are interested in hosting a workshop please get in touch with Stitch London’s organiser Lauren info@stitchLDN.com

Donate a prize

If you are a crafty retailer and would like to donate a prize please get in touch with Stitch London.

What you get in return?

In return for your raffle prize Stitch London will post a link to your website to say thank you on Twitter and Facebook. That’s a way for your business to reach over 10 000 crafters directly through sources they trust on a global scale (there are Stitch London followers in 52 countries worldwide so we’re not just limited to London).

There are also a further 15 000 crafters following the Stitch London newsletter and checking into their website. So along with the charity element it’s a win win deal.

What kind of prizes do you want?

Anything and everything. It doesn’t even need to be crafty. From kits, to vouchers, to books, to classes, to handmade items, our stitchers will love whatever you offer. Virtual prizes that can be printed are also fine. We just need details of how the winner needs to contact you to claim.

What do I need to do?

Drop Stitch London an email at info@stitchLDN.com to tell them what you’d like to donate, including:

  • What you are donating
  • The name of your company/shop
  • Where you would like Stitch London to link to
  • Twitter and Facebook links (if you have them)

As soon as they receive your prize they’ll link on Facebook and Tweet too. We’ll do the same.

To learn more about this event see the Stitch London website: http://www.stitchldn.com/stitchcrawl2012.html

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, and huge thanks for taking part. You’re a handmade hero.

If you’re not in London but are feeling inspired to hold your own event for p/hop on WWKIP Day please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you. Contact us at P-hop@london.msf.org. Thank you

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