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I love knitting socks. They’re small and portable, easy to tuck in my handbag ready to work on while I’m on the bus, or waiting for an appointment, or even standing in a queue. I always have a pair on the go. Unfortunately, I don’t actually wear socks that much; I mainly wear skirts with tights or bare legs, and my handknitted socks end up only being worn on weekends or in the evenings. Luckily, my husband loves handknitted socks and will take all the pairs I can knit him, so I’m free to indulge my obsession to my heart’s content.

There aren’t that many patterns for men’s socks around, though. Or at least not patterns that meet my criterion of being interesting enough to knit that I don’t die of boredom in the process (bearing in mind that my husband has wide UK size 10.5 feet, so his socks involve a lot of knitting) and my husband’s criterion of not being too fancy. So I decided I’d design him some, and because he’s a big rugby fan I came up with the idea of using a rugby goalpost motif.

I designed the socks toe-up, because when knitting socks for big feet I think it’s always a good idea to do the feet first and know how much you have left for the legs. They’ve got a heel flap and gusset, rather than short-row heels, to accommodate higher arches. I knitted them in rugby-pitch-coloured yarn, but you could easily make them in team colours instead!

Thank you Sadie for designing and donating these scrummy socks. To read more and download your pdf for Try Again Socks please click here.

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