Iconic sheep sweater comes to p/hop 2

A few months ago I was at the Knitting show at Olympia, admiring the talent of Muir and Osborne, who you may be familar with for their brilliant Best in Show books.

I mentioned that I run p/hop, as I always do to anyone who has an air of a knitter about them, and they said “oh, we have a pattern. It’s currently on our website as a freebie but if you can use it to raise money for MSF that would be a much better home for it.

Now I hear this quite often, and these things don’t always work out, so I gave them my email address and if something came of it, well great, and if not, it wouldn’t really matter.

Now, not only did Muir and Osborne come through, they shone.

I give you p/hop’s first sweater pattern, and its not any old sweater pattern.

Oh no dear reader, this is a sweater with Royal connections.

There is a copy of this sweater in the V&A. Even David Bowie once had one of these jumpers.

The Eighties are back, and they are back with p/hop!

I give you the Sheep Sweater!

Iconic Diana sweater

At present the pattern is in jpeg format which you can copy and paste into word or print straight from your PC. We are working on an updated version which we are hoping to have on the website as a PDF in June.

So, if you fancy emulating a style icon of a generation, using your intarsia skills and knitting up those fab sheep here is the pattern.

There’s even a reworked version which has been spotted on the streets of hipster Hoxton in That London. Marvellous.

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