Small hats update 2

We’ve had a great response to our request for handknitted/crocheted small hats for the MSF hospital in Qetta, Pakistan.

THANK YOU to everyone who has sent hat(s) in so far. To date, we’ve received over 100 and my desk is by far the most colourful one in the office.

Hat sizes

I don’t know exactly how many hats the clinic needs, all they mentioned was they wanted a range of sizes from 25cm head circumference up to child age five. One of our marvellous volunteers in our Ravelry group (thank you dodiegirl) put together a list of hat sizes and here is what we have so far:

25cm-25.5cm / 9 ¾” 10” – 70 hats
28cm-29cm / 11”-11 ½” – 9 hats
30-31cm / 11 ¾” -12” – 8 hats

0-3 months (33cm-34cm / 13”-13 ½”) – 4 hats
3-6 months (36cm / 14”) – none
6-12 months (38cm / 15”) – 2 hats

Toddler /Child#
12-24 months (40cm-45.5cm) /(16”-18”) – 1 hat
2-5yrs (45.5cm-53cm)/ (18/20”) – none

As you can see we’ve got lots of the smallest size which is great but not many of the other sizes.

If you’ve made the smallest size we can still use them, but if you are still waiting to cast on please consider making some of the larger sizes. They’ll help keep young children with malnutrition warm and give them a better chance of survival.

A few of you have made hats in rib, with a brim, which are great as they will probably get more wear as they are so stretchy.

Pakistan clinic

If you’re wondering where your hats will end up you can get a glimpse of the clinic is this video featuring Scottish MSF doctor Marianne Stephens. I was lucky to meet her last week and she’s ace. A whirlwind of energy and enthusiasm. Life in the clinic is pretty tough, if  videos aren’t for you can read an article about her here.

She was really excited about the hats. If you’ve just seen this and want to make some hats to send to the clinic in Qetta the details are here. I’m aiming to send the first batch out at the end of April.

Knitters and crocheters, you are awesome!

Thank you!

When you have finished your hats please send them to:
c/o Clare Storry
67-74 Saffron Hill

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