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Minerva Cowl | pennies per hour of pleasure

Minerva Cowl

This frothy lace Möbius cowl is aptly named after Minerva, the Roman Goddess of wisdom, crafts, medicine and doctors. She could also be the goddess of p/hop.

Minerva Cowl Yellow

The Minerva Cowl pattern has been designed and donated to p/hop by the generous and talented Anna Richardson aka @onehandknits and you can find more details about the pattern and the PDF here.

The pattern is very versatile and can be knitted as a single or double wrap cowl.

If you are going to Unravel at the weekend please go and say hello to Anna along with Sarah from the p/hop-supporting Undercover Owl.

This is our 40th pattern, which is very exciting. We’ll have a new crochet pattern coming soon making it 41 patterns raising money for MSF. Wowzers!

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