FibreFlurry 2011

It’s quite a while after the fabulous Fibreflurry, but quite a lot has happened between then and now (including us reaching our £30,000 target!).

It was my first show manning the p/hop stall (while the lovely Clare had a much needed holiday) and we had a lovely day chatting to all the visitors. One thing that did impress me was how many people already knew about p/hop, listening to people come up to the stall, and turning to the person next to them to explain what p/hop is all about was fantastic.

Laying out the stall required a bit of imagination as we didn’t have anything to display the gorgeous samples on. In the end we put all the samples on the printed patterns and I think it worked quite well. P/hop now has so many patterns that we managed to fill the whole table with them, but of course that’s not to say we wouldn’t love to have more patterns, the lace shawls were particularly popular, as were the ubiquitous Cranfords (as mentioned on the BBC Radio 4 today programme!).

p hop stall at fibreflurry
Thank you to the lovely YarnAddict Anni designer of the Trinity Shawlette for permission to use her photo of the stall.

We managed to raise a fantastic £320.64, so a big thank you to all the knitters who donated for patterns, the designers who donate them, everyone who I badgered to buy a raffle ticket, and the stall holders for donating the prizes. Also thank you to the lovely Fibreflurry team for looking after us so well. (oh and thank you to my Mum who came along for the day as well!)

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