I designed these socks in Cambridge and from the first I thought of them as ‘Cambridge socks’. The travelling cables remind me of the gentle meander of the river Cam around the backs of the colleges. My sample socks were knitted in a colour that is almost Cambridge blue (a sort of strange greenish -grey). But I am an Oxford girl through and through, and I wanted to reflect that in the name of the socks too. The official designation for a Cambridge degree is Cantab. (short for Cantabridgiensis), but in Oxford we always scathingly refer to Cambridge students as Tabs. So, when you are feeling kindly towards these socks, you may call them your Cantabs, but when you want to throw them across the rooms in frustration, they will be Tabs, spoken with all the scorn of an 800 year old rivalry to back you up!

The pattern has been designed to fit as many different shapes and sizes of feet and ankles as possible. The rib gives it lots of stretch, the heel flap and the horseshoe heel turn give some extra room, and the travelling cable adds interest to the pattern. The construction of these socks is somewhat unusual and there are times when you just have to blindly trust the pattern, but I promise it works.  I would say that this pattern is intermediate difficulty.
I hope you all enjoy knitting and wearing these as much as I enjoyed designing them.  You can download the (Can)tab pattern here and don’t forget to make your donation to p/hop too.

P.S. Thanks to Ruth (Grandy on Ravelry) for her beautiful photo of her gorgeous (Can)tabs.

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