The biggest P-Hop yarn swap ever? 2

At the end of January more than 50 knitters, crocheters and spinners enjoyed the second annual Sheddite gathering at the Bar Convent in York. Yes, I know that this sounds like a strange sect but please be assured that we are just an ever expanding group of friendly and enthusiastic fiberistas who have all met through the Yarn Yard forum known as The Shed on Ravelry.

One of the highlights of the weekend is our annual swap where we all bring yarn, fibre, books and tools that we no longer love and hope that they will find a new home with someone else. We then make a donation to P-Hop based on how much happier we are with what we are going away with compared with what we brought.

This year we had to book an extra large room to accommodate the swap which completely covered three or four huge tables. Imagine if you will, fifty excited knitters circling around like a pack of wolves (sorry!) eyeing up the particular item they loved above all others and hoping nobody else would snaffle it first. And let me tell you, the stakes were high – there was Wollemeise, Socks that Rock, Old Maiden Aunt and Yarn Yard to be had if you were quick and stealthy enough…

Mind you, I am pleased to say that everything passed in the most civilised fashion – I think we all went home a lot happier with our acquisitions and the best thing of all is that we raised well over £300 for P-Hop.

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