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Happy Birthday to us. Look at this beautiful gift of a pattern from the ever generous Susan Pandorf. It’s called Poinsettia and is a stunning beaded stole from her Garden Variety Collection.

Poinsettia looks beautiful in these festive colours and would make a very special gift for a loved one but would look gorgeous in any colourway.

We launched Poinsettia at Fibre Flurry last week where it was much admired, thanks to Jabberknit’s fantastic knitting skills.

Can you believe she made this sample in less than two weeks. I’m going to give a big thank you to Judith aka Jabberknit here as not only has she knit Poinsettia for us at very short notice but also made the Hydrangea, Iris, Chic Spring Beret, Elizabeth’s Scarf you see at festivals and a spare Crocus Pocus for us as well as lending us her daughter’s Jacob’s Beanie at Fibre Flurry as our other sample was in Ireland.

A big thank you to everyone who has made samples for us as they really do “sell” the patterns at shows.

You can find the Poinsettia pattern here. Happy Birthday p/hop and happy knitting everyone.

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