p/hop birthday wrap-up… 1


I am a geek, and as such, I am going to give you the stats 😉

  • 30 guest blogs & bloggers!
  • 5 brand spanking new patterns!
  • Over 14,000 visitors to the blog!!
  • Of which over 9,500 were new to p/hop!
  • £1170 raised via justgiving!
  • $685 raised via firstgiving!

Really AMAZING! On some days, p/hop’s blog had more visitors than MSF’s UK web site…. And even apart from the money raised, the number of new people the birthday blog-a-long sent our way was brilliant. People introducing their friends to p/hop, people introducing their friends to MSF and everyone having a good time while doing it.

p/hop was 1 this year and in that short time you have done so much… Many of the highlights have been mentioned in the birthday blogs, so I won’t go through them again. But, just in terms of funds, money that got Kiran, Claire and Fiona to Niger, Chad and Congo, you guys have raised an astounding £8,983 ($14,591). It is a humbling total. This includes gift aid by the way….

As the year draws to an end, plans for next year are being finalised and I wanted to leave you with my thoughts for p/hop. In truth, I have no idea what we will see in 2010. 2009 has continually surprised and delighted me and I know the spontaneity, the passion and the creativity that have characterised this year’s activities will continue and  predicting where they might lead us would be futile.

I work for an emergency organisation. We are really good at responding. When there’s an earthquake or conflict, we pride ourselves on being there quickest and getting to the people that need help most. Working with you guys has been an exercise in response – the ideas that have made p/hop what it is this year have been borne of knitters and carried out by knitters and, sometimes, I have been scrambling to keep up. All I can say is, long may this continue.

One year ago, who would have thought I’d be able to knit as well? It’s been a good year… Big thanks to all of you!!

All the best,


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