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In November 2008 Natalie set up p/hop to use knitting to raise money for Médecins Sans Frontières. p/hop has been a huge success, raising over £6000 in the first year and we have big plans for 2010.

To celebrate we’d like to invite you to our party and we’d cheekily like you to give us a present.

Do not fear, we’re not asking you for diamonds, a pony or a scalextric, what we’d really, really like is for you to blog for us.

Over the week of 23rd November we will be hosting an open blog spot here on the p/hop website. If you have a blog we’d like you to leave it for one post, leaving a message that you’ve popped over to p/hop’s party blog and write your post here. It doesn’t have to be about p/hop, or even knitting. In fact the more diverse the content is the better. Please invite your friends, gatecrashers are welcome.

Instead of bringing a bottle just remember to ask your readers to visit the p/hop blog and consider making a donation.

We’ll be adding more details about how to take part in the p/hop super-duper-great-big-birthday-blog-a-long over the next few weeks…

By the way, the title is a work in progress. If you can think of something pithier please let us know.

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