Hubble bubble, toil and trouble…

…Knitters knit and designers’ brains bubble?

OK, so I’m a better knitter than poet.

Thanks to our very generous designers we have not one but two spooky new patterns for you magical knitters, just in time for Halloween. They are from Ann Kingstone, aka the Spinning maid, who has designed two sock patterns which are great for young wizards and witches and house elves.

By Ann Kingstone

Socks for LIttle Witches By Ann Kingstone

Socks for Little Wizards by Anne Kingstone

Socks for Little Wizards by Anne Kingstone

As always please don’t forget to make your donation to p/hop based on the number of hours of pleasure you think you will get from these patterns.

Now if only I could cast a spell to make my knitting needles work faster…

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