iKnit? iLoveIt!

And that’s p/hop off the road for the winter… iKnit was the big shiny cherry on the massive fruitcake of love that has included visits to FibreFest, Woolfest and UK Ravelry Day for p/hop.

Again (and again and again), I can’t thank you all enough. iKnit raised just shy of £850, which is fantastic – it was rare that someone came to the stall and didn’t put something in, even if they didn’t take a pattern or buy a raffle ticket!

The raffle caused much excitement, especially with ‘our’ Natalie MC-ing the prize winners on the microphone (with a bright red face – sorry Natalie ;-). Winners were almost jogging to the stall to scoop one of the many brilliant prizes and, of course, the afghan rugs, made specially by the p/hop ravelry clan, went immediately on both days.
p/hop prizes at iKnit

Massive thanks to Gerard from iKnit for giving us the space and supporting us. And also a big thank you to all the MSF field staff who have made it to all the events. These are the people properly able to tell you about the business end of MSF. I think most were slightly confused at being asked to knitting festivals, but they were game and went home with massive smiles on their faces.

Now, on to p/hop’s first birthday. It’s been so cool so far, be a shame to let that little landmark go by unnoticed 😉

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