Halfway up a mountain in Lesotho

Hello all, this is half showing off ( I was in the gorgeous Lesotho), half proving that I am still doing the knitting and half a little reminder of why p/hop exists. I know that is three halves, but that’s because p/hop just keeps on giving.

My trip to Lesotho was amazing. As I said it was for the BBC Lesotho diary projects, which can be found here. I will let you know when the next instalments go up and you can check out the handywork.

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  1. Auntie Noo

    So cool!!!! Your knitting looks great, and it’s good to hear about the projects first hand so to speak! Long Live P/hop!!


  2. natalie

    You are now a true knitter.
    You have taken your needles on a ‘plane and risked airport security for your craft!


  3. sam

    good effort pete. a future as a VJ awaits!


  4. beanz

    Thank you for the reminder of what we’re about.


  5. Emma

    WOW !

    That is all.



  6. Neenz

    How much do I love this?!? =)))


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